More than 30 years of Experience + Modern Perception = Α 4th Industrial Age Qualification

An innovative exam:

  • The examination process is user-friendly and modern, enabling candidates to comfortably demonstrate their language skills.
  • The structure of the exam is the same at all levels, facilitating the transition from one level to the next.
  • The English language textbooks follow the structure of the exams, enabling teachers to better prepare their candidates.
  • The exam topics are based on daily scenarios that candidates are already familiar with.
  • The topics are representative of the candidates’ cognitive level.


  • The examination consists of multiple-choice questions.
  • The questions follow the flow of recording.
  • The recordings are of high quality.
  • The pronunciation of the broadcasters is comprehensible.


  • The examination consists of multiple-choice questions.
  • The texts are based on contemporary subjects from real sources, facilitating their understanding.
  • The questions follow the flow of the texts.


  • Task 1: Candidates are to choose between two topics and produce one Formal piece of writing.
  • Task 2: Candidates are provided with a single, mandatory topic and are required to produce an Informal piece of writing, in the form of letter or e-mail.
  • Candidates are given suggested points to elaborate on.


  • It consists of 3 tasks.
  • One interlocutor per candidate.
  • Interlocutors enhance the candidates’ self-confidence.
  • Candidates are encouraged to freely demonstrate their language skills.

The units are graded as: Refer, Near Pass, Pass, Merit, Distinction.

  • Only multiple-choice questions (a, b or c) for the Listening & Reading parts.
  • Topics adapted to the candidates’ age.
  • High success rates at all levels.
  • The only examination that enables candidates to maintain the grades of the skills they have passed.
  • Re-examination of failed skills for as many times as necessary in the next 5 exam sessions.
  • New Grading Profile: Candidates who achieve a Near Pass grade in ONE skill (i.e., up to 3 marks below the passing mark) do pass the entire exam.
  • The New Grading Profile is also applied to Refer candidates.
  • Exams that support candidates with Learning Difficulties, according to the Dyslexia Style Guide by the British Dyslexia Association.
  • Reasonable adjustments for Special Consideration candidates, based on medical documentation provided.
  • Lifelong-valid certificates.
  • No official translation of medical documentation required.
  • Secure and easy access to the Centre Management System (CMS), a pioneering and modern integrated information system for our partners.
  • Προσφέρονται εύλογες προσαρμογές για τους υποψήφιους με μαθησιακές ή άλλες δυσκολίες.

Refer Candidates

Candidates succeeding in one, two or three exam skills are able to retain them for the next three years. At the same time, they can re-sit the examination only for the outstanding skills (all together and not each skill separately) as many times as necessary.

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