More than 30 years of Experience + modern perception = the 4th industrial age certificate, changing the way you perceive exams

An innovative exam:

  • The examination process is accessible and modern allowing candidates to demonstrate their language skills.
  • Exam topics are based on daily scenarios that candidates are already familiar with.
  • The subjects represent the cognitive level of the candidates.
  • The structure of the exam is the same at all levels facilitating the transition to successive levels of examinations.
  • The themes are similar to English learning books, making teachers flexible in their educational work for the best preparation of candidates.


  • The examination consists of multiple choice questions.
  • The questions follow the flow of the listening texts.
  • The recordings are of high quality.
  • The pronunciation of the broadcasters is understandable by the candidates.


  • The examination consists of multiple choice questions.
  • The texts are based on contemporary themes from real sources facilitating the candidates to their understanding.
  • The questions follow the flow of the texts.


  • Task 1: Candidates are asked to produce a Formal writing and can choose between two topics.
  • Task 2: Candidates are asked to produce an Informal writing. The topic of the writing is mandatory and can be a letter or an e-mail.
  • Candidates are given suggested points to elaborate on.


  • It consists of 3 tasks where one interlocutor is assigned for each candidate.
  • Candidates are encouraged to freely demonstrate their language skills.
  • Oral examiners enhance the candidates’ self-confidence.

The units are graded as: Refer, Near Pass, Pass, Merit, Distinction.

  • The only examination that enables candidates to retain the skills they have passed.
  • New Grading Profile: Candidates who achieve near pass in a skill, i.e. up to 3 marks below the passing mark, are able to pass the whole exam.
  • The New Grading Profile is also applied to refer candidates.
  • Re-examination of skills for as many times as necessary in the next 5 exam sessions.
  • High success rates at All levels.
  • Reasonable adjustments for Special Consideration candidates.
  • Only multiple-choice questions (a, b or c) in Listening & Reading.
  • Topics adapted to the age of candidates.
  • Exams that support candidates with learning difficulties, to have the best desired performance, according to the Dyslexic Style Guide by the British Dyslexic Association
  • No official translation of medical documents is required by candidates with learning difficulties.
  • Secure and easy access to the Centre Management System (CMS), a pioneering and modern integrated information system for our partners.
  • Computer based exams (CBE) available on demand.
  • Lifelong valid certificates.

Refer candidates

Candidates succeeding in one, two or three exam skills are able to retain them for the next three years. At the same time, they can re-sit the examination only for the outstanding skills (altogether and not each skill separately) as many times as necessary.

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