We provide a number of benefits and privileges to all candidates sitting for the NOCN CBE ESOL International Qualifications. We are first and foremost committed to our candidates academic success.

The decision to sit for our exams shows that you want to prepare for a brighter future, it shows your resolution to accomplish your goals efficiently and thoroughly. It shows that you want to prepare and be a holder of a certificate that unlocks future perspectives across the globe.

You will have our full support throughout the entire process, from enrolling for the exam up to the announcement of results and certificate issuing.

We want to make the exam experience as straightforward as possible; our main objective is to always be on your side. We guarantee exceptional quality administration, high quality conditions for the Listening part of the exam, in a supportive, relaxed and user-friendly environment, and an all-questions-answered procedure..

The NOCN CBE ESOL International Examinations

Being in the exams sector for over 30 years gave NOCN the opportunity to deeply understand what candidates and teachers really need, want and expect from an ESOL exam. As such, NOCN has created and offers a unique, ideal Computer Based Exam (CBE) that will change the way you perceive exams.

The Right Choice

  • Only multiple-choice questions (a, b or c) for the Listening & Reading parts.
  • Topics adapted to the candidates’ age.
  • High success rates at all levels.
  • The only examination that enables candidates to maintain the grades of the skills they have passed.
  • Re-examination of failed skills for as many times as necessary in the next 5 exam sessions.
  • New Grading Profile: Candidates who achieve a Near Pass grade in ONE skill (i.e., up to 3 marks below the passing mark) do pass the entire exam.
  • The New Grading Profile is also applied to Refer candidates.
  • Exams that support candidates with Learning Difficulties, according to the Dyslexia Style Guide by the British Dyslexia Association.
  • Reasonable adjustments for Special Consideration candidates, based on medical documentation provided.
  • No official translation of medical documentation required.
  • Secure and easy access to the Centre Management System (CMS), a pioneering and modern integrated information system for our partners.
  • Lifelong-valid certificates.

Refer Candidates

Candidates succeeding in one, two or three exam skills are able to retain them for the next three years. At the same time, they can re-sit the examination only for the outstanding skills (all together and not each skill separately) as many times as necessary.

  • The English language textbooks follow the structure of the exams, enabling teachers to better prepare their candidates
  • Demo test available for extra practice
  • Online registration: all candidates enrolling individually through our portal will receive a confirmation email, including further instructions and information
  • Online access to results and final mark
  • The Certificate can be delivered to your mailing address
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