Our partners are our top priority. We know that running a business can sometimes be difficult for even the most experienced professionals, especially in the education sector. We provide constant support; all our work is tailored to support you, our partner.

Being in the exams sector for over 30 years gave NOCN the opportunity to deeply understand what candidates and teachers really need, want and expect from an ESOL exam. As such, NOCN has created and offers a unique, ideal Computer Based Exam (CBE) that will change the way you perceive exams

The CBE NOCN ESOL International Examinations

  • Only multiple-choice questions (a, b or c) for the Listening & Reading parts.
  • Topics adapted to the candidates’ age.
  • High success rates at all levels.
  • The only examination that enables candidates to maintain the grades of the skills they have passed.
  • Re-examination of failed skills for as many times as necessary in the next 5 exam sessions.
  • New Grading Profile: Candidates who achieve a Near Pass grade in ONE skill (i.e., up to 3 marks below the passing mark) do pass the entire exam.
  • The New Grading Profile is also applied to Refer candidates.
  • Exams that support candidates with Learning Difficulties, according to the Dyslexia Style Guide by the British Dyslexia Association.
  • Reasonable adjustments for Special Consideration candidates, based on medical documentation provided.
  • No official translation of medical documentation required.
  • Secure and easy access to the Centre Management System (CMS), a pioneering and modern integrated information system for our partners.
  • Lifelong-valid certificates.

Refer candidates

Candidates succeeding in one, two or three exam skills are able to retain them for the next three years. At the same time, they can re-sit the examination only for the outstanding skills (all together and not each skill separately) as many times as necessary.

Our goal is to lighten the workload, lessen financial burdens and improve the overall quality of our partners’ services and reputation. We are here to help you in all aspects. We employ the most relevant professionals; our team of specialists is here to provide all necessary assistance. It is our top priority to exceed our partner’s expectations and to deliver a high-quality service.

Benefits and Privileges:

  • We are committed to meet our partners’ requirements
  • We have the proven ability to support expansion and development
  • We provide Seminars regarding the Qualification
  • We provide Workshops for teachers
  • We provide Demo Practice Tests
  • We provide all the supportive material
  • Newsletters to keep you posted on all upcoming events
  • Authorised NOCN English Language Centre Badge for your Centre
  • Unique privileges for the members of GlobalCert's Members Club

We have developed a Centre Management System (CMS) for our partners designed to integrate and exchange data with all 4th Industrial Age systems.

  • Secure and easy access via GlobalCert's Centre Management System (CMS) for our partners. Each and every partner has their own personal login code
  • Exclusive and immediate access to past papers (with keys), including all four parts of the test
  • Online Registration of students
  • Effective communication, minimising time spent on queries and progress chasing
  • Access to results 24 hours ahead of them being officially posted online
  • Document management reducing the “paper chase” and paper filling effort
  • Automation of many manual processes
  • Filing of results, meaning that you will have a personal record of all your students’ performances for the years to come
  • Keep track of registrations and result issuing

NOCN promotes the value of language learning &
assessment worldwide for more than 30 years

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